fbInfoElement_st Struct Reference

A single IPFIX Information Element definition. More...

#include <public.h>

Data Fields

union {
   const struct fbInfoElement_st *   canon
 Pointer to canonical copy of IE. More...
   const char *   name
 Information element name. More...
 Information element name. More...
uint32_t midx
 Multiple IE index. More...
uint32_t ent
 Private Enterprise Number. More...
uint16_t num
 Information Element number. More...
uint16_t len
 Information element length in octets. More...
uint32_t flags
 Flags. More...
uint64_t min
 range min
uint64_t max
 range max
uint8_t type
 Data Type.
const char * description

Detailed Description

A single IPFIX Information Element definition.

An Information Element defines the type of data in each field of a record. This structure may be contained in an fbInfoModel_t, in which case the name field contians the information element name, or an an fbTemplate_t, in which case the canon field references the fbInfoElement_t contained within the Information Model.

Field Documentation

const struct fbInfoElement_st* fbInfoElement_st::canon

Pointer to canonical copy of IE.

Set by fbInfoElementCopyToTemplate(), and valid only for template IEs.

uint32_t fbInfoElement_st::ent

Private Enterprise Number.

Set to 0 for IETF-defined IEs.

uint32_t fbInfoElement_st::flags


Bitwise OR of FB_IE_F_* constants. Use Macros to get units and semantic

uint16_t fbInfoElement_st::len

Information element length in octets.

uint32_t fbInfoElement_st::midx

Multiple IE index.

Must be 0 for model IEs. Defines the ordering of identical IEs in templates. Set and managed automatically by the fbTemplate_t routines.

const char* fbInfoElement_st::name

Information element name.

Storage for this is managed by fbInfoModel. Valid only for model IEs.

uint16_t fbInfoElement_st::num

Information Element number.

Does not include the on-wire enterprise bit; i.e. num & 0x8000 == 0 even if ent > 0.

union { ... } fbInfoElement_st::ref

Information element name.

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