super_mediator Release 1.5.3, 2017-Oct-19







  • Added template metadata (name and description) record output.

super_mediator Release 1.5.2, 2017-Mar-8







  • Fix compile error introduced in version 1.5.1

super_mediator Release 1.5.1, 2017-Mar-6







  • Add --become-user and --become-group command line options
  • Bug Fix for compiling on Alpine Linux

super_mediator Release 1.5.0, 2017-Jan-5







  • Add support for adding VLAN/Observation IDs to deduplication keys
  • Changed format of DEDUP Exporters (added flow start time associated with flow key hash)
  • Add ability to insert EXPORTER name in deduplication output records
  • Add ability to read gzip'd IPFIX files
  • Other Bug Fixes

super_mediator Release 1.4.0, 2016-Oct-4







  • Add support for multiple protocol deduplication for IPFIX/JSON exporters
  • Add post move file option for exporters
  • Add PAYLOAD, RPAYLOAD export options to custom field lists
  • Empty files are now removed by default
  • Bug Fix for uploading MULTI_FILES files to a MySQL database
  • Other Bug Fixes

super_mediator Release 1.3.0, 2016-Mar-8







  • Add file compression support for EXPORTERS
  • Add Base64 Encode support for full certificate export
  • Changed default file extension for JSON files to .json
  • Bug Fix for ESCAPE_CHARS keyword for DNS_DEDUP Exporters
  • Fix bug when command line arguments and config file are present
  • Other Bug Fixes

super_mediator Release 1.2.2, 2016-Jan-7







  • Bug Fixes for JSON exporters

super_mediator Release 1.2.1, 2015-Dec-29







  • Add JSON output option to --output-mode switch
  • Bug Fix for JSON exporters (DNS output)

super_mediator Release 1.2.0, 2015-Dec-22







  • Remove support for fixbuf releases prior to libfixbuf-1.7.0
  • Collect and export sslServerName
  • Collect, decode, and export full X.509 Certificates
  • MD5 hashing of X.509 Certificates with OpenSSL support
  • SHA1 hashing of X.509 Certificates with OpenSSL support
  • Collect and export list of DHCP options
  • Bug Fixes

super_mediator Release 1.1.3, 2015-Dec-7







  • Bug Fix for logging to syslog
  • DNS Deduplication JSON export bug fix
  • Update RPM spec file

super_mediator Release 1.1.2, 2015-Oct-28


  • Bug Fix for TCP/UDP collector(s) that receive minimal data

super_mediator Release 1.1.1, 2015-Jul-1


  • Bug Fix for Custom Field List Text Exporters
  • Bug Fix for configuring SSL De-duplication MAX_HIT_COUNT and FLUSH_TIME
  • super_table_creator will now create de-duplication tables
  • Documentation updates

super_mediator Release 1.1.0, 2015-Jun-26


  • Requires libfixbuf 1.4.0 or greater
  • SSL Certificate De-duplication
  • Advanced SSL field export configuration
  • Configurable De-duplication of any DPI Fields
  • JSON file export
  • Export of unnested DNS Resource Records
  • New option to only export DNS Responses
  • Add the ability to rotate and compress logs given a valid file directory
  • New option to de-duplicate on only particular DNS resource record types
  • MULTI_FILES CSV format change
  • MySQL schema change for MULTI_FILES
  • Bug Fix for Spread Collectors when daemon terminates
  • Bug Fixes

super_mediator Release 1.0.2, 2014-Oct-15


  • Bug Fix for Collectors

super_mediator Release 1.0.1, 2014-Aug-12


  • Add support for escaping control characters and the delimiter character in DPI strings
  • Bug Fix for DNP 3.0 text export
  • Other Minor Bug Fixes.

super_mediator Release 1.0.0, 2014-Jun-13


  • Add support for multiple collectors
  • Add support for naming collectors and exporters
  • Collector name included in default flow text export

super_mediator Release 0.4.0, 2014-Mar-4


  • Added SCADA protocol and RTP DPI collection
  • Added MySQL automatic reconnection capability
  • Syslog logging capability
  • Added ability to collect, print, and export MPLS labels
  • Added ability to collect, print, and export Type of Service fields
  • Incoming IPFIX records that use Delta counters will export the same fields
  • Bug Fix for variable redeclaration on some operating systems
  • Bug Fix for DNS deduplication timeout
  • Other Bug Fixes

super_mediator Release 0.3.0, 2013-May-3


  • Added the ability to define new information elements for collection
  • New filter fields: INGRESS and EGRESS
  • Added the ability to "AND" filters
  • Added New YAF 2.4.0 information elements
  • Bug Fixes

super_mediator Release 0.2.2, 2013-Feb-26


  • Bug Fix for GLib version 2.32 or greater
  • Added statistics timeout option for logging super_mediator stats
  • Bug Fixes

super_mediator Release 0.2.1, 2013-Feb-8


  • Added Custom DPI Field List for Text Exporters
  • Added --fields switch to command line arguments
  • Bug Fix for Time output on some platforms
  • Bug Fix for SSL/TLS Text Export

super_mediator Release 0.2.0, 2013-Jan-16


  • Retry exporter connections when lost
  • Keep export statistics per exporter
  • Bug Fix for polling directory for IPFIX files
  • Bug Fix for moving collector files

super_mediator Release 0.1.9, 2012-Dec-6


  • Added Custom Field Lists for Text Exporters
  • Bug Fix for reading from stdin
  • Other Bug Fixes

super_mediator Release 0.1.7, 2012-Oct-9


  • Added ability to filter by IP in IPset (requires SiLK IPset library)
  • DNS IPFIX export bug fix.
  • Add Max TTL Field to DNS Deduplicated IPFIX output

super_mediator Release 0.1.6, 2012-Sep-10


  • Added Automatic import into MySQL database
  • Bug Fixes

super_mediator Release 0.1.5, 2012-Jul-31


  • Added DNSSEC awareness.
  • Added New SSL Information Elements.
  • Added flow stats elements from YAF 2.3.0.
  • Added DHCP Fingerprinting Elements.
  • Enhancements for uploading CSV files to a database.
  • Bug Fixes.

super_mediator Release 0.1.4, 2012-Jun-12


  • Added option to timestamp rolling DPI CSV files.
  • Added option to print flow "index" with DPI data.
  • Bug Fixes.

super_mediator Release 0.1.3, 2012-May-7


  • Enhanced DPI to CSV export.
  • Bug Fixes.

super_mediator Release 0.1.2, 2012-Apr-3


  • Bug Fix for multiple exporters.
  • Bug Fix for 64 bit OS for text exporters.

super_mediator Release 0.1.1, 2012-Mar-28


  • Option to remove empty output files
  • Improved Logging
  • Bug Fix for de-duplication of DNS NXDomain Records
  • Other Bug Fixes.