Data Structures
Here are the data structures with brief descriptions:
oCfbBasicList_stA basic list element in a template which structure represents a basic list on the internal side, basic lists in an IPFIX Message must be represented by this structure within the application record
oCfbConnSpec_stConnection specifier
oCfbInfoElement_stA single IPFIX Information Element definition
oCfbInfoElementOptRec_stThe corresponding struct to the Information Element Type Options Template
oCfbInfoElementSpec_stA single IPFIX Information Element specification
oCfbInfoModelIter_stAn iterator over the information elements in an information model
oCfbListenerEntry_stListenerEntry's make up a listener group as a linked list
oCfbListenerGroupResult_stListenerGroupResult's contain the listener who's listening socket got a new connection
oCfbSubTemplateList_stStructure used to hold information of a sub template list
oCfbSubTemplateMultiList_stMultilists just contain the semantic to describe the sub lists, the number of sub lists, and a pointer to the first entry
oCfbSubTemplateMultiListEntry_stEntries contain the same type of information at SubTemplateLists: template ID and template pointers to describe the data the number of data elements and the data pointer and data length
oCfbTemplate_stAn IPFIX template or options template structure
oCfbTemplateOptRec_stTemplate metadata options record structure
oCfbUDPConnSpec_stAn UDP Connection specifier
\CfbVarfield_stA variable-length field value