fbUDPConnSpec_st Struct Reference

An UDP Connection specifier. More...

#include <private.h>

Data Fields

 pointer to the session for this peer address
void * ctx
 application context. More...
union {
   struct sockaddr   so
   struct sockaddr_in   ip4
   struct sockaddr_in6   ip6
 key to this conn spec
size_t peerlen
 size of peer
struct fbUDPConnSpec_stnext
 link to next one in list
struct fbUDPConnSpec_stprev
 doubly linked to timeout faster
time_t last_seen
 last seen time
uint32_t obdomain
 with peer address this is the key
gboolean reject
 reject flag

Detailed Description

An UDP Connection specifier.

These are managed by the collector. The collector creates one fbUDPConnSpec_t per "UDP session." A UDP session is defined by a unique IP and observation domain."

Field Documentation

void* fbUDPConnSpec_st::ctx

application context.

Created and owned by the app

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