The latest releases of libfixbuf 2.x are below.

See also pre-releases of libfixbuf 3.x and all libfixbuf releases.

libfixbuf Binary Package

On a Redhat, Fedora, or RPM-based host, the easiest way to install libfixbuf is using the CERT Linux Forensics Tools Repository.

Follow their instructions to add the Tools Reposistory to the locations your your system looks for packages, and use yum to find the libfixbuf package and yum will install its dependencies.

An alternative is the to download the libfixbuf binary package from their site and install libfixbuf and its dependencies manually.

fixbuf Release 2.4.2, 2023-Feb-9




  • Updated CERT IPFIX elements to include those added in libfixbuf 3.0. This update does not include the element name changes that were part of that release.

fixbuf Release 2.4.1, 2020-Dec-22




  • Added support for OpenSSL 1.1.0 and removed support for versions prior to 1.0.2.
  • Updated CERT IPFIX elements.