iSiLK is a graphical front-end for the SiLK tools, designed to work with an existing installation of the SiLK analysis suite. The application uses the SSH protocol to connect to an analysis server, issue commands and copy data files. It provides an easy-to-use alternative interface to the core functionality of the SiLK tool suite that makes it easier for an analyst to organize analysis work, interactively explore analysis results, and share those results with other analysts.

iSiLK is distributed as a Windows application that can be installed directly on a desktop running Windows XP or Vista. The latest release of the application is available for download from the iSiLK Downloads page. The current release is designed to work with verson 0.11.1 and later releases of the SiLK tool suite.

It is also possible to install and run iSiLK on other platforms including Mac OSX, and many Unix systems. iSiLK is implemented in Python using wxPython, Paramiko and matplotlib, and can be run from a Python 2.4 or 2.5 interpreter on a system where the appropriate Python packages have been installed. More details on running iSiLK from source may be found on the Downloads page, and in the iSiLK Development & Deployment Guide on the Documentation page.

iSiLK screenshot