Net::WDNS is a Perl XS extension to the WDNS library. WDNS is a low-level library for inspecting and rendering DNS packets. It is useful in conjunction with Net-Nmsg for processing DNS data.

Source Code

The Net::WDNS source code is available from these locations:

Net::WDNS v1.01, 2016-05-05


CPAN — Find the Net::WDNS module on a CPAN mirror.

Installing Net::WDNS

First, make sure you have the libwdns library installed. Compiling the libwdns library will require the presence of libpcap on the build system.

Second, install Net::WDNS like any other Perl module; this is an XS extension so a C compiler will be necessary. The easiest way, if you have admin privileges on the target machine, is to use the cpan interactive installation (this will automatically download the Net::WDNS distribution from CPAN):

$ sudo cpan
cpan1> install Net::WDNS
cpan2> quit

Otherwise, in order to manually install, download the .tar.gz distribution file from one of the sources above and unpack it. From within the resulting directory, follow the standard perl module build procedure:

$ perl Makefile.PL
$ make
$ make test
$ make install

Using Net::WDNS

The API for Net::WDNS closely follows that provided by libnwdns, with the addition of some Perl flourishes. You can browse the documentation online:

Alternatively, if you followed the installation procedure above, the documentation should be available on your system via one of the following commands:

man Net::WDNS
perldoc Net::WDNS