NOTE: The RAVE library is no longer under active development.

The Retrospective Analysis and Visualization Engine (RAVE), is a framework for generating complex analysis products. RAVE caches the intermediate results of analytic tasks for later use in the same or different analyses. This improves performance by reducing duplicated effort when generating analytic results. RAVE users need to do nothing special in order to take advantage of this performance improvement.

The RAVE project provides tools to use RAVE interactively in a terminal, or to publish "live" RAVE analyses online as a network service for use in network-enabled applications.

CERT/NetSA has deployed RAVE to support analysis using the SiLK suite of flow analysis tools. We also distribute the libraries we created to perform common flow analysis tasks using SiLK, such as efficiently using pipe-and-filter-based command-line tools from Python, dealing with heterogeneous data sources and efficiently retrieving time-series data.

The RAVE Administrator's Guide describes how to install and configure RAVE, how to write new analysis plugins, and how to write client software that interacts with RAVE.