Rayon is a Python library and set of tools for generating basic two-dimensional statistical visualizations. Rayon can be used to automate reporting; provide data visualization in command-line, GUI or web applications; or do ad-hoc exploratory data analysis.

Rayon can generate visualizations in PDF, PNG, SVG and PostScript formats using Pycairo. It can also be used in wxPython GUI applications.

Rayon is compatible with Python versions 2.6 and greater, and requires netsa-python and at least one of Pycairo (for static output) or wxPython (for GUI output).


Rayon consists of the following components:

The Rayon Python library

A Python package that can be used to add visualization capabilities to Python scripts. This library is documented extensively in the Rayon Reference Manual.


A set of command-line tools for drawing common statistical data visualizations, such as scatterplots, bar plots, time series visualizations. The available tools are documented in the Command-Line Tool Manuals.