yfFlowStats_st Struct Reference

#include <yafcore.h>

Data Fields

uint64_t iaarray [10]
 to calculate inter-packet delay
uint16_t pktsize [10]
 to calculate distribution of packet payload size
uint64_t payoct
 total amount of payload data
uint64_t ltime
 used to calculate interarrival time
uint32_t tcpurgct
 Number of urgent packets.
uint32_t smallpktct
 Number of packets with 60 bytes or less of data.
uint32_t nonemptypktct
 total number of non empty pkts
uint32_t largepktct
 total number of packets with 225 bytes or more
uint32_t aitime
 average interarrival time in milliseconds
uint16_t firstpktsize
 payload length of first non-empty pkt
uint16_t maxpktsize
 largest pkt size

Detailed Description

yaf flow statistics

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