yfFlowVal_st Struct Reference

#include <yafcore.h>

Data Fields

uint64_t oct
 Octet count.
uint64_t pkt
 Packet count.
uint32_t isn
 Initial TCP sequence number.
uint32_t lsn
 Last TCP sequence number.
uint16_t first_pkt_size
 First Packet Size - to determine whether to turn on fixed size flag.
uint16_t attributes
uint8_t iflags
 Initial TCP flags.
uint8_t uflags
 Union of remaining TCP flags.
uint8_t appkt
 packets with payload - don't care if this wraps. More...
uint16_t vlan
 VLAN TAG (also in key, but want to record both sides)
 yaf flow statistics

Detailed Description

A YAF uniflow value.

Contains directional packet header fields and counters; two of these are used to build a biflow.

Field Documentation

uint8_t yfFlowVal_st::appkt

packets with payload - don't care if this wraps.

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