Analysis Pipeline 4.5.1

The Analysis Pipeline is designed to run as a daemon as part of the SiLK collection and packing process, where it inspects every SiLK Flow record as the records are created. The Analysis Pipeline supports several analyses, including watch list alerting, beacon detection, passive FTP detection, and IPv6 tunnel detection. The textual output from the Analysis Pipeline can be fed to a security information and event manager (SIEM).

Analysis Pipeline 5.7

The Analysis Pipeline 5.7 is a streaming analysis tool than can process more than just SiLK flows as done in version 4.x. It can now process YAF records and raw IPFIX records. It can do all of the analyses available in version 4.x. A notable enhancement is expansive DNS record processing. This includes fast flux detection and domain name watchlisting.

fixbuf 1.8.0

The fixbuf library provides a set of functions for processing the IPFIX protocol message format. Using fixbuf, developers can build IPFIX Collecting and Exporting Processes. pyfixbuf provides a Python API to the fixbuf library.

IPA 0.5.2

IP Association (IPA) is a suite of tools and libraries which aims to provide a flexible repository of IP address data and metadata.

iSiLK 0.6.2

iSiLK is a graphical front-end for the SiLK tools, designed to work with an existing installation of the SiLK analysis suite. The application uses the SSH protocol to connect to an analysis server, run SiLK command-line tools and copy data files. It provides an easy-to-use alternative interface to the core functionality of the SiLK tool suite.

netsa-python 1.5

The netsa-python library is a grab-bag of Python routines and frameworks that we have found helpful when developing analyses using the SiLK toolkit.

Rayon 1.4.3

Rayon is a Python library and set of tools for generating basic two-dimensional statistical visualization. Rayon can be used to automate reporting; provide command-line, GUI or web applications; or do ad-hoc exploratory data analysis.

schemaTools 1.2.1

schemaTools is a library of middleware for the Analysis Pipeline that provides a standard way of describing data upon arrival.

snarf 0.3.0

snarf is a distributed alert reporting system. Applications can use snarf`s libraries to send network alert messages, which can then be routed to multiple destinations in a configurable manner. snarf is designed to allow application and script developers to emit network alert messages without being concerned with the details of how the messages will be formatted downstream, or what destinations they will be routed to.

SiLK 3.16.1

The System for Internet Level Knowledge (SiLK) is an efficient network flow collection and storage infrastructure that will accept flow data from a variety of sensors. SiLK also provides a suite of efficient command-line tools for analysis.

YAF 2.9.3

Yet Another Flow Sensor (YAF) processes packet data into bidirectional flow records that can be used as input to an IPFIX Collecting Process. YAF's output can be used with super_mediator, Pipeline 5, and the SiLK tools.