SiLK Release 3.16.0, 2017-Jun-29







  • In rwstats, compute percentage columns when primary value is a distinct count.
  • Change how the flowrate plug-in handles flows that have a duration of zero.
  • Make additional changes and bug fixes.
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SiLK Release 4.0.0_beta4, 2017-Jun-29







  • SiLK 4.x is beta software.
    • The applications have been lightly tested. Some applications may change in incompatible ways in future releases.
    • The analysis tools in SiLK 4.x are largely compatible with those in SiLK 3.x, though SiLK 4.x removes command line switches that were marked as deprecated in SiLK 3.x.
    • The configuration of rwflowpack has radically changed from SiLK 3.x. The flowcap and rwflowappend tools no longer exist.
    • Replacing a SiLK 3.x installation with SiLK 4.x is not recommended without substantial testing first.
  • SiLK Flow files support Sidecar data
    • Allow SiLK Flow files to augment the traditional SiLK Flow record with "sidecar" data. Sidecar data is represented as a Lua table of key-value pairs.
  • Many additional changes.
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SiLK Release 3.15.0, 2017-Mar-24







  • Add Aggregate Bag tools that are similar to the traditional SiLK Bag tools but support multiple fields in the key and counter.
  • Add a new plug-in to compute a hash value using the same algorithm as YAF's getFlowKeyHash utility.
  • Add --output-path and --xargs switches to some tools.
  • Remove support for fixbuf releases prior to libfixbuf-1.7.0.
  • Make additional changes and bug fixes.
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SiLK Release 3.14.0, 2016-Nov-17







  • Add new IPset file format for IPv6 flow records.
  • Allow the installer of SiLK to choose the default IPset file format written by SiLK.
  • Allow rwsetcat to count the IPs in an IPset stream without loading the IPset into memory.
  • Add a work-around for NetFlow v9 records from a SonicWall device.
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SiLK Release 3.13.0, 2016-Sep-29







  • Add support for compressing files with "Snappy" compression when the Snappy library and header are found during configuration.
  • Add support for the SILK_COMPRESSION_METHOD environment variable that provides a default value for the --compression-method switch.
  • Increase array size used by rwcount on 64-bit platforms.
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SiLK Release 3.12.2, 2016-Jun-23







  • In rwgeoip2ccmap, restore support for processing binary input.
  • Add a --sort-counters switch to rwbagcat.
  • Make additional changes and bug fixes.
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SiLK Release 3.12.1, 2016-May-5







  • Make substantial changes to the handling of IPFIX and NetFlow v9 records to decrease per-record processing time.
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SiLK Release 3.12.0, 2016-Mar-31







  • Add country-code and prefix-map support to Bag files.
  • Change how rwbagcat displays Bags whose key-type is a time, TCP flags, or a sensor.
  • Increase buffer size allowed in rwsort, rwdedupe, and rwcombine on 64-bit platforms.
  • Have rwsender attempt to resend files that were not transferred unless the file was explicitly rejected by the sender.
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SiLK Release 2.5.0, 2012-Jun-28







  • Provide a new configure switch to work-around issues when reading NetFlow v9 flow records from a Cisco ASA router.
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