ipaexport - Export textual data from an IPA data store


  ipaexport --catalog CATALOG_NAME
        [--db=DB_URI] [--time=TIME] [--delimiter=DELIM] OUTPUT_FILE


ipaexport exports a single IPA dataset in delimited text format.



Specifies the name of the IPA catalog to export from. This must be a fully-qualified catalog name, and any child catalogs will not be searched.


This argument allows you to export a dataset that was active at TIME. The expected format of this option is YYYY/MM/DD[:HH[:MM[:SS]]]. If this option is specified, a dataset will only be returned if TIME falls between the start and end time for the dataset. If this switch is not specified, the default is to use the system's current date/time.


A URI specifying the IPA data store to connect to. Due to the possible exposure of database credentials via process listings, the use of this option is discouraged. See ENVIRONMENT below for the recommended way of specifying the IPA data store URI.


Specifies the character used as a field delimiter in the output file. By default, ipaimport uses whitespace as the field delimiter.


To export the "countrycodes" prefix map:

  $ ipaexport --catalog countrycodes --time 2007/04/03 countrycodes.txt

To export the "flowcount" Bag with pipe-delimited fields:

  $ ipaexport --catalog flowcount --delimiter \| flowcount.txt

To export the "badhosts" IP set from April 3, 2007:

  $ ipaexport --catalog badhosts --time 2007/04/03 badhosts.20070403.txt



A URI specifying the location of (and credentials for) the IPA data store. The format of this URI is driver://user:password@hostname/database, e.g.:



Currently, only the PostgreSQL database driver is supported.


ipaimport(1), ipaquery(1)