The SiLK project is developed by the CERT Network Situational Awareness (CERT NetSA) group. Before it was called "SiLK", the analysis suite and work was always called "Suresh's Work", in recognition that the large scale analysis was, more than anything else, the work of Suresh Lakshman Konda. Without the creativity, hard-work, and intellectual discipline that Suresh provided, this work would not exist.

Starting a decade ago with "Suresh's Work", the SiLK project continues within CERT NetSA, where, under the successive stewardship of Tom Longstaff, Roman Danyliw, and Richard Friedberg, SiLK is supported by a growing team of analysts, developers, researchers, and students at Carnegie Mellon University.

An important part of the project's success are the users of SiLK—users both past and present within NetSA, at our partners and sponsors, and in the wider Internet community, with a special thanks to the contributions of Mike Collins and John McHugh. There is a satisfaction knowing that others find the work useful, and suggestions for improvements are always welcome.

The work on flow-based security analysis at CERT NetSA benefits enormously from the contributions of the project's sponsors and partners, and we appreciate their continuing support.