IPAContext Struct Reference

IPA Context data structure. More...

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Public Attributes

IPAContextState state
 Keeps state of context operations.
char * db_uri
 AirDBC URI of the IPA database.
uint64_t ds_id
 The ID of the current dataset.
AdbConnection * conn
 AirDBC connection object.
AdbStatement * stmt
 AirDBC statement object.
AdbResultSet * rs
 AirDBC result set object.
GString * sql
 Holds SQL strings as they're invoked.
IPACatalogType cat_type
 The type of the current IPA catalog.
uint8_t cat_width
 Width of catalog field on output.
uint8_t range_width
 Width of range field on output.
uint8_t label_width
 Width of label field on output.
uint8_t value_width
 Width of value field on output.
gboolean verbose
 Dump debug information.

Detailed Description

IPA Context data structure.

This represents a handle to an IPA data store.

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